'Tis my nature

Suuuuuuper excited to arrive and see everyone at 221b tomorrow! Gonna be a freaking blast!!!

But everyone keeps talking about how they’re bringing all this alcohol and gonna get super tipsy and I’m just kinda upset. Not because I think it’s wrong or bad or HOW DARE Y’ALL HEATHENS DRINK, but because I can’t have it (not in the I’m-too-young sense, though I am, but in the my-liver-seriously-cannot-have-it-or-I’ll-die sense) and no matter how many times people say “oh don’t worry it’s not that great you’re not missing out” it’s still a social thing that I can never be a part of and I hate it. I feel so ridiculously absurdly left out and often I hate my body for not allowing me this simple, stupid thing that everyone does. I don’t even want to get drunk! I don’t really like parties either; It’s just that I’ll be sitting in a room full of drinking people… and I can’t drink. Ever. No exceptions. Period. 

I sort of really hate it.

I hope no one’s offended if I leave early, though that might just make me feel worse. Ahhh, there is just no winning for me here, I think.

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  1. teagypsy said: Whenever makes a mixed drink, do all the add ins, but replace liquor with soda water. Will feel more inclusive. Also, or rather, find a nice expensive drink, like Italian soda. Treat yourself to it, No matter what do not share. It’s just for you. : )
  2. hereiswhereiloveyou said: I love you, BB! Nothing to be self-conscious about. I’ll probably be sober too:)
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